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Tracing Services

Whether you want full ‘Tracing’ or the combination of ‘Trace & Collect’ Regal Credit has the solution.

Tracing our fully guaranteed Tracing service will supply fresh address details for those absconding customers, or no fees are charged.
Verified results from dedicated tracers, who will fully investigate all leads to supply accurate information. Should you discover the debtor
has moved on again, just let us know, so we can carry out a free re-check. Unable to find newer information, we will refund the original fee.

Let us find those ‘Gone Away’ clients.

Trace & Collect Regal Credit are an industry leading Trace & Collect agency. Working with major Banking clients, Regal Credit has
a proven record for being at the forefront when it comes to Trace & Collect accounts.

Investing at the outset to locate the absconding debtors and excellence within the dedicated collection teams, outstanding results are
achieved. Working on a contingency basis, we will locate the ‘right’ people to establish successful repayments.

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